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BSO’s Jeremy Mills Super Bowl 50 Preview (Video)

It’s almost that time. We are just about a week away from Super Bowl 50. We could see Peyton Manning ride off into the sunset as John Elway proclaims “This one’s for Pat” or we could see the first ever dab with the Vince Lombardi Trophy. 

For the Broncos, Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware, and the incredible Denver defense helped propel Peyton Manning into what could end up being the storybook he probably thought wasn’t going to get. He may not be able to do it over the course of an NFL season anymore, but he doesn’t have to. He just has to win one game and with the defense he has with him, it is within his grasp.

While the Broncos reached a huge milestone by beating the Patriots in the AFC Championship, it may not be as impressive at it seems. The Patriots were as one dimensional as it gets and that allowed Denver to play their strength- the pass rush. Wade Phillips loves to unleash that pass rush without having to worry about the run; it’s easy money.  Carolina has a much more balanced offensive attack and that will make the pass rush a lot less effective. Not to say they won’t get their chances, but it’s not going to look like it did against Tom Brady.

Carolina with their dominance reminiscent of what the Seahawks did when they made their run and won the Super Bowl. No experience needed, just coming in and dominating everyone with no thought of just how big the moment is. They have an incredible defense that is sometimes overshadowed by the Cam Newton, which isn’t any fault of his, but they have played great all year long and especially against one of the best offenses in the NFL last week in the Arizona Cardinals.

I’ve been guilty of doubting what the Panthers can do on offense, but I’ve now realized how good Cam Newton is. If he wins this game he should be in the conversation of being on the level of how we think of Tom Brady and how he makes improves everyone around him.

Denver definitely has the edge in talent on defense, but I’ll take the Panthers because of the offense they are going against. I’d much rather defend Peyton Manning than Cam Newton in 2016. A good defense usually prevails over a good offense in big games like this, I think that will ring true in the sense of the Panthers defense and Manning.

I’m taking the Panthers in this game because they are the most balanced team. Balanced teams are stable teams that can prevail through turmoil. It will be an ugly game and both teams can win ugly games, but Cam Newton changes how a defense has to play an offense. He is the ultimate x-factor.

Everyone knows what is on the line for Peyton Manning so the pressure will be on him. Any added pressure isn’t good and sadly it won’t end well for Peyton as Cam continues his party all the way to Disneyland when the Panthers are crowned Super Bowl Champions.