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Byron Scott vs. Julius Randle; Who is Right & Who is Wrong?


Byron Scott has chosen the tough love approach when it comes to his young players. The Lakers are on improbable 3 games winning streak and you would think everything is going well in the locker room but that is not the case.

Julius Randle was substituted late in the game against the Suns and he wasn’t particularly happy to be subbed out. The Lakers ended up winning the game and Coach Byron Scott commenting on the second year player’s attitude.

“He’s got to grow up,” Scott said Monday after the Lakers’ practice at their facility. “Simple as that.”

Byron Scott, earlier this season, decided the bring Randle from the bench in order to spark a fire but it didn’t seem to have the result he intended. Julius Randle has his own version of the situation by saying he was singled out by the coach.

“I was frustrated I wasn’t on the court. Simple,” Randle said. “It wasn’t like I was 0-for-25 or something. I took four shots. I still had 12 rebounds, still had three assists. I took what the defense gave me.”

I would be very surprised if Byron Scott comes back as the Lakers’ coach next season, he might be right in this case that Julius Randle has to be a pro and handle it differently but it’s just the accumulation of him bashing his players to the media that will ultimately dictate his fate as the Lakers’ coach. He can address his players’ behavior at practice or behind close doors without involving the media. Byron Scott has yet to find the good balance between tough love and teaching and with the young group that he has, it’s a must.