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Elton Brand Pens Open Letter on Why He’s Signing With Sixers

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Former Bulls 1st-overall pick Elton Brand is set to sign with the Philadelphia 76ers this week, an opportunity that spurred this interesting op-ed from the 36-year old semi-retired power forward.

The column is written as an open letter to everyone who’s watched his career over the years hits on several reasons why Brand is coming back to the NBA.

He cites “repaying what’s owed” to the league in the form of mentorship to young players like Sixers 1st rounder Jahlil Okafor, a task he feels he failed to do during his first stint in the league. He reminisces about his career including playing for former Clippers owner Donald Sterling and coming up short against LeBron James’ Cavs in 2014.


Brand likely won’t be returning the Sixers to playoff form this year and his days of chasing a championship seem long gone. But you have to give the guy credit for wanting to leave more than just statistics behind as a part of his legacy and mentoring those that could use the advice. And the Sixers are chock-full of those players.