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Jerry Jones Equates the NFC East to Looking at Asses


Jerry Jones has to chill out with his random analogies. The Dallas Cowboys had a very disappointing season based off their expectations, the season seemed doomed before it started. Their best cornerback Orlando Scandrick tore is ACL during preseason causing him to miss the entire season. Dez Bryant suffered a foot injury in the season’s opener which never completely  healed and Tony Romo broke his collarbone, rushed back too soon with hopes of saving a desperate team only to break it again. After finishing 4-12, owner and GM Jerry Jones has a unique view of the team’s status.

“I’m looking up, on my back and all I see is ass.”

I’m not sure exactly what Jerry Jones is trying to say here but according to BleacherReport, he came back to clear things up a little by sharing his thoughts on wanting a different mindset from his team going forward.

“I do see opportunity though. But I want a different view and that ring and intertwine though every meeting, every personal visit I have with everybody involved with the Cowboys. I want to see a different look.

Someone needs to sit Jerry down and tell him we know he’s older but you can’t just say all I see is ass leaving everyone wondering what you’re talking about.