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Panthers Star Lotulelei Explains Why He Will Never Do Dab

Panthers Dab

It has to be hard to be your own man when the pressure is on for you to be apart of a unit. Cam Newton has been dabbing all season and the wave has really taking off. He’s doing it more and so are other athletes. The Panthers are even taking team Dab photos on the sideline during games. One person that’s not with the Dab movement is defensive tackle Star Lotulelei. Star has a legit excuse for not participating in the Dab.

“No I don’t dab … I don’t want to look dumb,” Lotulelei told Jonathan Jones of The Charlotte Observer.

We’ve seen many people step way out of their lanes trying to be cool or hip to the Dab craze. North Carolina coaches Ron Rivera and Roy Williams have both showed off their Dab moves in support of their teams. They weren’t completely terrible but they didn’t do it correctly either.

“I might mess it up like some other people do, so I just don’t try.”

I wonder if Lotulelei was throwing a little jab at his coach. Even if he was I know it was all in fun.