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Tom Brady’s Agent Says Colleges are Exploiting Black Athletes

Pay_College_AthletesThe debate over whether or not to pay college athletes has shifted in recent years, with more people inclined to side with college players instead of the NCAA.  The advent of billion dollar TV contracts, along with concussion fears, has brought increased credibility to the claims that college athletes should be compensated.

One of the newest voices in support of college athletes is super agent Don Yee. Don Yee, who represents New England quarterback Tom Brady and New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton, recently wrote an opinion piece in the Washington Post expressing his support for paying college players and even recommends boycotts as a means to bring about change.

In his column Yee says the following.

“After all, who is actually earning the billions of dollars flooding universities, athletic conferences, TV networks and their sponsors? To a large extent, it’s young black men, who are heavily overrepresented in football and men’s basketball, the two sports that bring in virtually all the revenue in college athletics.”

“So by refusing to pay athletes, the NCAA isn’t just perpetuating a financial injustice. It’s also committing a racial one.”

Wow, very strong words and stance from Don Yee. It will be interesting to see if Tom Brady or Sean Payton will respond to any questions on this controversial topic.