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Beyonce’s #SB50 Performance Sparks Boycott

Beyonce’s latest song formation is all about black empowerment and stating the injustices that black people face in America.

People forget that Beyonce is from the south. Her mother is from Louisiana, her father is from Alabama and she grew up in Houston. Black people get on Beyonce for not speaking on societal issues but she does do her part behind the scenes.

This time around, her formation video was very direct and clear. She represented all black people and had chilling images like the last scene when she drowned with the police car. She is referencing how the police and justice system devalue black people and the treatment of the citizens of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

There are many layers to this video that dissect a lot of issues and people aren’t cool with it. Mainly the “harsh police message” as Business Insider is reporting to why people are boycotting. Then, you have Beyonce perform this song on the most watched program of the year, it fires people up even more because they feel they have to address it.

Beyonce said she was going to start a conversation and we are here. Many people try to silence #BlackLivesMatter and people who support it. I dare these people to try and silence Beyonce.