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Details On Romo Possibly Needing Another Surgery

romoTony Romo has high hopes when he is on the field, but sadly injuries have held him from accomplishing those goals. When he’s healthy, he is a Top 5 NFL QB capable of making everyone else around him better- like the 2 QB’s competing in the Super Bowl. Since breaking his collarbone twice last season, Romo has been looking at having a plate inserted to help strengthen the collarbone, but ESPN says the decision could be on hold:

“Romo had a CT scan a week ago on the collarbone, which showed good bone growth. According to the sources, it is possible Romo could pass on having a plate inserted to reinforce the collarbone and have what is called a Mumford procedure in which the distal portion of the clavicle is shaved down. The recovery time would still be 6-8 weeks and have Romo back on the field for the organized team activities in May.”

The Cowboys showed how much Romo brings to the table when he went down with injury last season. If I would have told you in 2007, when Romo dropped the snap, that in 2016 he would be one of the most respected QB’s in the NFL today, I would have been roasted.

He’s persevered against a lot of failures. Like the old cliche says, it’s not how many times you get knocked down, but what you do when you get back up. Romo has gotten up after some pretty embarrassing losses and redeemed himself just about every time.

If he is healthy, the Cowboys will be getting attention for the right reasons next season.