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Greg McElroy on Cam ‘Quitting on His Team’ (Audio)

Ex-Alabama QB Greg McElroy is joining the piling on of Cam Newton after his Super Bowl 50 performance. From CBS Sports:


“What I have issues with is the way he did not jump on the fumble after he dropped the ball. He jumped away from the ball when the ball was on the ground. I have never, not one time in my life, seen a player do that, especially a quarterback. I will still root for me Panthers, but I have big issues with Cam Newton moving forward and it has nothing to do with the fact that I went to Alabama and he went to Auburn.

He quit on his team.

The ‘no-dive’ by Cam has quickly become the most scrutinized play since the Seahawks decided to pass. It was a split-second decision that may have heavily contributed to the loss of the game, but he didn’t quit on anyone. What about the offensive lineman that let Cam down? What about Ron Rivera not making any second half adjustments to get Cam out of the pocket?

Good luck to the NFL with the kind of monster you are going to make out of Cam with all of this scrutiny.