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Monty Williams Touching Speech At Wife’s Service (Video)

No words can express the feelings that I received from watching this video. I’m going to step away from the politics of being a sports writer and comment on this video straight from the heart.

Losing someone is something we all want to avoid. No one can imagine losing the one they love; to be separated in the physical form of someone who means so much to them. When losing my grandmother, I can’t explain what I felt during that time. I never imagined my life without my Super Woman; I never envisioned a second without hearing her call me “Cat”; and even to this day its hard. But there is solace in serving God. God tells you all over the Bible, that everything works for your good and that anyone who believes in Him, never “dies”, they live through and with Him. You find peace in that. You find peace in knowing no one is ever “loss”, they are sitting comfy in heaven.

Monty Williams in this eulogy did something most of couldn’t fathom, and that’s speaking with such a transparent presence and a place of peace. I watched this video in astonishment. To see a man speak of forgiveness, speak of his wife in complete love and crack a joke, all in such a clear and demanding voice, I was floored! Williams displayed something that isn’t seen or celebrated too often in the media or even in sports, and that’s having a strong faith in God and an insurmountable amount of forgiveness. I don’t know many who can do that, especially at their loved ones funeral.

Monty Williams has set a clear and attainable standard as a man, a father and a believer. That forgiveness is a lifestyle; Love is a lifestyle. It’s not something you can turn off or on or have it when its convenient for you. True forgiveness is displayed in your most difficult times; this is when your character matters most. It’s hard to be transparent in a world that teaches you showing love and being of faith is a weakness, but what Williams shown us is that its a strength and something from within. That even in your worst dreams or moments, you’re an example to someone else who doesn’t know how to be strong in their weakest moments. Williams set the bar high.

I know not everyone believes in God, but if there is anything you take away from this, please note: All you are going through will work for YOUR GOOD. Every tear, every heartbreak, every “no”, will come together and be a blessing to you. Sometimes, God uses your weakest moments as an example to someone else. When your strength prevails, when your hard work trumps those tears, you are showing everyone else that it’s possible. It’s ok to hurt. No one EVER said life will be easy, but it’ll always be worth it.

I challenge you today to be a shining example to someone else. Show the world is ok to be hurt or even let down, but be strong enough to not let it keep you down.

Keep going. God already worked it out.