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Wade on Why No One is Waiting for Bosh’s Return

Bosh and Wade

Dwyane Wade missed the last two Heat games in which Miami raced up and down the court and played a fun style of basketball. Wade enjoyed watching his teammates step up their game in the absence of himself and Chris Bosh but is ready to get back out there now that he’s ready to play Monday vs the Pacers. Wade knows him and his teammates can’t sit around hoping for Bosh to come back though.

Via Miami Herald,

“I think the one thing is we’re not waiting to get the word on him,” Wade said. “We’re approaching this going forward with who we have in this locker room, whoever is ready to go. CB’s been around. I talked to him. The way his personality is, what he gives to the team, no one has to worry about him. We check up on him. That’s our brother. But we know he’s going to do everything possible to get back on the court with us. [But we] can’t wait on that. Just like the last two games, they couldn’t wait on me.”

Obviously, Wade knows that his window of opportunity is closing so this can be the only mentality he brings to the game. There is no waiting on anyone because the games keep going and the wins and losses still count. Miami may have a difficult time playing that fast paced offense with Wade’s injury possibly hampering him but it may be the best chance they have to win. Wade will have to keep up or Coach Spo may have to tinker with the lineups a little. The Heat will continue to work with what they have and they may find this as a perfect opportunity to have others continue to elevate their games. The season is at a critical time and playoff spots are still up for grabs.