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3 Teams That Should Show Interest in Arian Foster


Arian Foster looks to be done finished in Houston. His agent, Mike McCartney, tweeted that the runningback ‘had’ a great run with the Texans. More from PFT:

The Texans apparently don’t think Foster can stay healthy and be as effective as he once was. General Manager Rick Smith has said Foster’s $6.5 million salary wouldn’t be the reason to release him, but it’s hard to believe that’s not a factor.

So where does this leave the often injured 29-year old?

In a great place actually. He is able to put whatever eggs he has left in a basket of his choosing. Most likely in the hands of a playoff team- and even possibly the Super Bowl champions. More from a story from a few years back via ESPN:

“[Gary Kubiak] was my first and only NFL coach for five years, so he was all I knew about the NFL,” Foster said. “I felt like he treated us very fairly. He was always up front with us, and I feel like he was a great offensive mind. I always felt like that. I excelled under his regime and under his offense. The way he used me brought a lot of success to this organization as well as personally. He changed my life for, you know, my life and my kid’s life. There’s a lot of love on this end for Kub.”

The Broncos would be the perfect fit for Foster. He wouldn’t have to do everything, just like Peyton didn’t, thus his skills would be magnified. That plus his admiration for Broncos Coach Gary Kubiak makes a reunion all to probable.

Of course, with any free agent runningback, they will be linked to New England. It does make sense, Foster is a versatile back that could thrive in the Patriot system. Like in Denver, his responsiblities would be lessened and his skills would be magnified.

If Foster wanted to stay in Texas, there is sweet offensive line not too far away in Dallas. If the Cowboys can’t get their hands back on DeMarco Murray, Foster could be a good consolation prize.