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A MMA Breakdown of Katt Williams Getting Choked Out by Lil’ Nate Diaz (Video)

katt williams choked out

The public embarrassment of Katt Williams continues and today karma caught up on Mr. Pimp Chronicles.

For some reason Katt decided to pick a fight with this youngster. Before the fight Katt came in as confident as Conor McGregor at UFC 196. The kid did his best Nate Diaz impression.

Now I’ll take some time to break down this hilarious fight MMA style:

Lets call this kid Lil’ Diaz. We don’t have video of the stand up but it’s safe to assume Katt squared up and was hit with a series of ‘Stockton Slaps’ before gassing due to years of smoking and went in for the clinch.

That’s where the video picks up and we see the kid land a Daniel Cormier style uppercut and then back leg trip to get Katt on the ground. At this point the kid could have settled for side control and try to move into top control and mount, but we can only assume this Jiu-Jitsu youngster felt ambitious and decided to take the back.

After flattening Katt out, this is a key technique, he calmly slid onto his back and sunk in the rear-naked choke. Katt panicked like Sage Northcutt and rolled into an even better position for the choke. Lil’ Diaz saw this and sunk one hook in while controlling Katt’s wrist to maintain leverage on the choke. (Are we sure this kid didn’t train with a Gracie?)

A that point the ref decided that Katt had stopped intelligently defending himself and called the fight. An early stoppage in my opinion but that happens in MMA.

Hats off of to Lil’ Diaz and we officially declare March 2016, “Rear-Naked Choke Month.”