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Broner Explains Why He Said F*ck Mayweather at Press Conference (Video)

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Adrien Broner used to consider himself Floyd’s “Lil Bro” but now the two stand on opposite ends of a title fight.

TMT fighter Ashley Theophane will take on Adrien Broner on April 1st and Broner held nothing back when discussing his feelings for Floyd and the entire Mayweather camp.

“I know Ashley Theophane is going to come to fight because he got something to prove. He gonna try to come take my world title. I know he going to come to fight,” Broner said on Feb. 29 in Washington, D.C..

“I admire [Mayweather] and his work and what he did for the sport. I was going to come up here and keep it at that because I respect Floyd so much, but then that wouldn’t be me. For real, like, I respect Floyd. I respect Nate [Jones, who trains Theophane and has helped out with Broner in the past]. I respect Ashley. But at the end of the day, they’re not on my motherf***ing side. They’re not up here coming up saying, ‘AB Promotions,’ so I gotta say f*** them guys.

“Cause right now they coming to dethrone me. For me to go in a fight like they my friend, nah, they my enemy right now. That’s what it is. Point blank, period. Hell yeah, I’m going to beat the sh*t out of Ashley. I got respect for Nate. If Nate need anything, he can call me and get it. But at the end of the day, he training the motherf***er to beat me, so f*** Nate, too, right now. And that just what it is.”

For once Broner is actually making sense. He’s trained at the Mayweather Boxing Club around these people but for this fight he can’t be buddies with them.

Floyd is here to make his fighter money and Adrien Broner was picked because he’s a champion that lacks effort. He should take Floyd sending one of his fighters into the ring with him as disrespect. Now he has to take those feelings into the ring and make them work for him.