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CBS Show Makes You Wonder If Barkley Even Watches CBB

Twitter to CBS Selection Show

For most casual college basketball fans, the season doesn’t really start until around conference play in January. Hell, for some it takes until February to start focusing on the game.

In the case of Charles Barkley, we’re wondering if he’s even watched a single game this season.

For ratings, CBS decided to bring the NBA guys around and Barkley showed his lack of college basketball knowledge

It was the equivalent of winging an essay question on a test. Considering you probably studied the night before, it literally becomes hit or miss on the knowledge you retain.

To be fair, you can’t fault Chuck for collecting another check, so if you enjoy high-quality analysis, you should blame CBS, not Chuck.

However, CBS looked at it from a money perspective, as all networks do, so it was a win-win for them.

Sure, they’re being slandered on social media for numerous of things concerning the Selection Show, but at the end of day, folks are still talking.

Oh yeah, Chuck still doesn’t know you to use a touchscreen.