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Details on Cowboys Having Interest in Pacman Jones


The Cowboys and Brandon Carr appeared to be headed toward an inevitable divorce, which opens up the door for a return for a former Cowboys. Carr’s cap hit ($13.8 million) is just too much for a player who has performed like he has. PFT explains:

Carr hasn’t had an interception in two years despite starting in all 32 games for Dallas over that span. While his first two seasons in Dallas were promising with six interceptions total and double-digit passes defended in each season, Carr hasn’t performed at the same level since.

The Cowboys could use their high draft pick to select Jalen Ramsey out of Florida State, if he’s still available. Ramsey is a versatile athlete that leads a very strong defensive-back heavy draft. He could end up playing multiple positions in the NFL as he did at Florida State.

One other option that has been floated out there was the return of Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones. More from Yahoo Sports:

 With Carr’s potential departure in mind, a league source identified Adam Jones as a potential replacement. Expected to be a reasonably priced free agent at cornerback, Jones’ top end production in Cincinnati may ultimately be overshadowed by a late personal foul call in a playoff loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers in January.

If you remember, Pacman played with the Cowboys for a season back in 2008 before he found his footing with the Bengals. More from Yahoo Sports:

Interestingly, Jones and his agent, Peter Schaffer, were at a popular steakhouse in Indianapolis on Friday night during scouting combine week, the same night Cowboys ownership and personnel executives were having a team dinner at the restaurant. Jones and Schaffer were seen briefly exchanging pleasantries with Dallas director of player personnel Stephen Jones before departing.

It didn’t go super well off the field back then, but both sides have grown and changed for the better. The Cowboys locker room is stable under the leadership of the now wily veterans Tony Romo and Jason Witten and minus the post-playoff loss rant Pacman has turned into Adam Jones. He’s played very well and shown his leadership abilities.

I’m just a little nervous about a Dez Bryant and Pacman Jones sideline…