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Mike Shanahan Offers Praise for RG3, But Tells Him He Must Do This

Mike Shanahan had suggestion for RG3

The relationship between Mike Shanahan and Robert Griffin III didn’t end on good terms to say the least, but it appears the two are becoming closer as they’ve went their separate ways.

As RG3 was looking for a new place to call home, Shanahan decided to offer some advice. 

“I’d take him if I were you,” Shanahan told Rams coach Jeff Fisher via ESPN’s John Keim, according to Shanahan himself.

“Robert called me and wanted to thank me for saying such nice things,” Shanahan continued. “I said, ‘Robert, I believe this. I’d be more than happy to talk to all the guys. Have them give me a call on your behalf. I was with you when we did some things nobody else has ever done and you still have that opportunity if you want to go that direction. If you don’t, then I think you’re going to struggle.’

“I [told him I] want you to know what your capabilities are,” Shanahan said. “I had already talked to him about things I wasn’t happy with right after the Super Bowl. But there’s no sense rehashing that. [I said], ‘Let’s talk about the things you did good and why you had that success.’”

However, in order for Griffin to succeed in Shanahan’s eyes, he must be in a situation where he’s not asked to strictly be a drop back, stand in the pocket guy. Having said that, Shanahan believes Hue Jackson will be a good fit for RG3 in northeast Ohio.