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Steve Kerr on If He’ll Rest Players Instead of Chasing Bulls Record

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If you’re a fan of seeing records getting broken, possibly the most important record of them all, then you might be disappointed with Steve Kerr’s decision regarding the rest of the season for his Warriors. More from Yahoo Sports:

“Resting, that will take precedence,” Kerr said. “We will rest guys if they need it before we will go for any kind of streak or record, that’s for sure.”

Steph Curry, like a lot of us, weren’t surprised by his coaches decision:

“That is how I assumed he would handle it,” Curry told Yahoo Sports. “Obviously, the big picture is always the most important trying to win a championship. Case in point, like tonight [against Oklahoma City], they put Andre [Iguodala] on a minutes restriction knowing he is probably the best matchup for KD [Kevin Durant]. Not worrying about that per say but making sure he is going to be healthy long-term.”

If he put the pedal to the metal for the rest of the season and his team loses in the playoffs, he’s done for. Even if it wasn’t because they didn’t rest- all fingers would be pointed at Kerr.

On the other side, I’m a believer in momentum being a big thing in basketball. Not just in-game momentum, but the slow building momentum that you build throughout the season. The Warriors have captured something really special and resting can put that in jeopardy- if you were a normal basketball team and not the Warriors. Seriously, they look like they are playing on rookie mode, it just doesn’t seem fair.

Even if the Warriors don’t break the record, but win back to back, they will still be remembered as one of the great teams of this generation. Take the basketball part out of it, it is the most pure entertainment on television today. I put it to the ‘Grandma Test’ the other day and it passed. If my 82-year old Grandma knows who you are, you’ve transcended basketball.

I heard a great take that I really liked the other day: how crazy is it that millions of people shoot a basketball, but this one guy is leaps and bounds above everybody. Take a step back from being the basketball insider you are and think about that from a pure skill standpoint.