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Trump Shares Thoughts On Letting Pete Rose In HOF (Video)

Donald Trump was definitely tugging at the heart of those in Cincinnati. Trump wants Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame.

To see Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame is a dream that many old school and some new school fans would like to see. Many are suggesting that it should be reconsidered but it’s clear that the new MLB commish, Robert Manfred, does not want to. Essentially, Pete Rose, as Trump pointed out, is punished for just one thing: betting on his team to win the whole thing. At this point, Rose might be gone if he ever gets elected for the Hall of Fame.

Donald Trump decided to strategically play with this and throw it out there in Cincinnati.

“We love Cincinnati. Hey, by the way, Pete Rose, let him in, right? What are they doing? It’s so ridiculous. Don’t you think he’s paid the price? First of all, he bet that he would win, not on the other team or anything.”

Way to get voters, Mr. Trump.