Bryce Harper’s Entrance Music Tells Haters “Get Off My D*ck” – BlackSportsOnline
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Bryce Harper’s Entrance Music Tells Haters “Get Off My D*ck”

Washington Nationals Photo Day

Washington Nationals superstar Bryce Harper has a message for his haters…Get Off My…I’ll let you figure out the rest. During Thursday’s Nationals home opener Bryce debuted his new walkup music, rapper J. Cole’s G.O.M.D.

The reigning NL MVP has been the topic of conversation in the early days of the baseball season. As you know, Bryce thinks baseball’s unwritten rules are tired and outdated. He wants to make the game fun again. Nobody can ever accuse the slugger of not saying what’s on his mind, he is certainly trying to make a point. But what is the point?

The juxtaposition in his messages is really interesting. On the one hand you have “Make Baseball Fun Again” a clear reference to the Donald Trump presidential rallying cry to “Make America Great Again.” Then you have the social conscious message in J. Cole’s G.O.M.D. Is he unknowingly a (baseball) revolutionist? Not sure Bryce realizes the deeper meaning Cole was going for with this song (or maybe he does), but hey, it tells the haters what they should do, right?!.

Bryce is a young, supremely talented, male athlete with a tremendous platform. He will rub a lot of people the wrong way and excite and inspire others. He is trying to make a statement, and like most he is pulling from different segments of the culture to make said statement. And, like most it isn’t perfect, but it’s saying something.