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Details on NIKE Getting Retailer Shut Down For Selling $3 Mil in Fake Sneakers

That will teach crooks to mess with the swoosh, and most importantly, victims who are simply trying to purchase their favorite sneakers in an honest fashion.

According to KOIN6 — well known online shoe store — Supplied PDX was taken down by agents from the IRS and Homeland Security Investigations over $3 million in shady shoe deals.

The investigation started March 5 when Nike revealed its private team of specialized investigators conducted a “discreet” probe into the online retailer, a website owned by James Pepion, according to the federal search warrant. Get-Supplied also goes by the names “SuppliedPDX,” “Supplied Inc.,” and “Supplied”.

Seized were:
1560 pair of Nike sneakers;
40 pair of Adidas sneakers;
7 pair of Asics sneakers;
5 boxes of shoe boxes and packaging material;
7 boxes and 1 bag of miscellaneous documents;
5 LG 4406 cellphones;
3 SGH 53906 Samsung cellphones;
2 Mac Book laptops;
2 iPhones;
1 USB hard drive;
1 USB thumb drive;
1 CD rom disc

Nike determined Pepion operated his company,, out of his Happy Valley residence, records show. He marketed and made announcements about which sneakers he was selling through his “SuppliedPDX” Instagram account and was reportedly using the email “[email protected]” on eBay and PayPal.

Pepion reportedly made over $2 million in profits since 2012.

The accusations shouldn’t be taken lightly — with people of all ages, colors and backgrounds spending hundreds in hard-earned dollars purchasing these Jordans.