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Drew Brees Has So Many Questions Following Will Smith’s Murder

Drew Brees opens up on Will Smith's death

As the Smith family and the New Orleans Saints mourn the death of Will Smith, captain and  former teammate of Smith’s, Drew Brees, has spoke on the tragedy. 

“We’ll all gather back in New Orleans 10 years after winning the Super Bowl, 20 years, 50 years, to celebrate what a great thing it was for our team and for our city,” Drew Brees said Sunday night. “And we’ll be together, but something will be missing.
“No Will.”

While things have improved since Katrina, New Orleans still has a long way to go as a city.

Saints PR man, Greg Bensel, lives and breathes everything about the city, but he’s fed up and understandably so.

“This is a tangible moment for this city, a moment when we realize something’s got to be done to change things,” Bensel said. “Twenty murders in 26 days! These aren’t statistics! These are human beings! I can tell you, this city’s on edge. This city’s had enough. People are sick to their stomachs.”

Smith’s murderer, Cardell Hayes, was a New Orleans high school football star back in the day, which has Brees wondering.

“I wonder,” Brees said. “A lot’s been written about the bond between the team and the city, and what a special time it’s been over the past decade. If the guy knew this was a star of the Saints, who knows? Does he change his mind? Does he walk away? Does he put his gun down? Not to trivialize this—at all. But does he say, Hey, I grew up here. I love this city. Does he walk away? Maybe.
“But now, something’s been broken here.”

Who knows, but we one thing we do know is that Will Smith will be dearly missed.