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OSP on How He Can Pull a Tate & Diaz Style Upset Over Jon Jones (Video)

Ovince Saint Preux has the chance to move from fringe Top-5 light heavyweight fighter to superstar overnight. For that to happen he’ll have to pull the greatest upset in UFC history by defeating the #1 ranked fighter in the world, Jon Jones.

There’s very few, if any, people giving OSP a chance to win the fight at UFC 197 but if anything has been proven this year in the UFC its that late notice fights are the great equalizer.

It began in November with Holly Holm vs Ronda Rousey. It’s often forgotten that these two women were scheduled to fight in January, not November, but when Robbie Lawler was injured Dana White asked Ronda to step into the card. The added two months of preparation for Ronda may have helped against Holly’s stand up.

Then we saw Conor McGregor move up 15 lbs in 10 days to fight Nate Diaz. Conor looked impressive early but gassed in the second round and paid dearly for it. Could the same happen to Jones?

Those recent instances coupled with a few points made by current champion Daniel Cormier makes this one of Jones’s toughest fights.

“I truly do believe, and I think this is why it was so hard to actually make the call, because I truly do believe that right now is when he’s primed to get beat,” said Cormier.

“So the time away. First time not dealing with the hydration through IV. First time under such strict testing with USADA.All these factors play it to me like ‘man I’ve gotta get him in the octagon right now as I think this is the time that he’s ready to get beat.”

It’s hard for Cormier to remain objective when speaking about Jones but he hit on a few legit changes Jones will have to deal with at UFC 197.

He’s known for cutting well over 25 lbs for fights and for the first time he’ll have to adjust to rehydrating without IVs. Seems easy, but many fighters depended on that to reach optimum levels on fight night and Jones’s added muscle mass may lend to faster fatigue.

Ovince Saint Preux isn’t hanging his hat on the troubles Jon Jones will face. He’s concetrated on executing his gameplan and defeating Jon rather than waiting for Jon to defeat himself.

Recent UFC history has shown us that anything can happen when two fighters are locked in the octagon.