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Stanford Coach Says Grades Are Reason He Doesn’t Recruit in SEC Country

Stanford Coach David Shaw tried to choose his words carefully, but it doesn’t matter because it still paints the same picture.

When asked about the satellite recruiting camps, most used by Jim Harbaugh and Michigan designed to reel in players outside of their region, Shaw explained why the prestigious Stanford refrains from that practice. Quote thanks to RuleofTree:

“I have no opinion,” Shaw said. “It’s never affected us. People do them, and people don’t do them. We’ve got great attendance at the camps we have here — we get a lot of guys we want to come….But I didn’t like the way that a lot of people have put this as the SEC against Jim Harbaugh. That’s not what this has been about. Conference by conference, this has been going on for three plus years, since Jim was with the 49ers. This has been a battle. As a conference, we had a long discussion three years ago about what we were going to do about satellite camps….I’m great with whatever college football says, because it doesn’t affect us. It doesn’t make sense for us to go hold a camp someplace where there might be one person in the entire state that’s eligible to get into Stanford.”

It is a bold proclamation. Sure, he could be right, but there are dumb people everywhere. Being dumb is equal opportunity. I’ve known a lot of people that appear to be big dumb rednecks, but are sharp as a tack. The opposite could be true as well.

If we are going on stereotypes of the regions of America, are you sure you want a lot of Stanford-educated Californians on your football team? Who is going to play offensive line?