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(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

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UNC Fans, Its Time To Stop Asking Coach Roy Williams To Retire

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Are you guys not tired of asking for this man to retire? If not, it’s about time you stop. He isn’t going anywhere. It always baffles me when fans are asking for the head of coaches who don’t win according to their logic or standards; More importantly, what can you do better?

Before I indulge you with the intense quotes from Coach Williams this week, lets take a gander at his resume.

  • This is Coach Williams 5th appearance in a NCAA National Championship game, tying for third with Dean Smith and Adolph Rupp. Williams is only behind Coach K with 9 appearances and John Wooden with 10.
  • Been to the Final Four 8 times, split respectively between Kansas and UNC.
  • Coach Williams is 36-9 at UNC in his career at the NCAA Tournament
  • This is the 11th time UNC has competed at No. 1 during the NCAA Tournament. He stands behind Coach K at 13.
  • Coach Williams record at UNC stands respectively at 365-107.

The list can go on forever but as you can see Coach Williams is only bested by Coach Dean Smith and Coach K in most of those categories, giving the argument that UNC has one of the best active coaches in the NCAA. So why so much fuss for him to quit?

UNC, Duke, Kentucky and schools of the like, all have huge opinionated fan bases. It’s almost a gift and a curse. Those universities are expected to win, expected to have the best recruits and sadly, appease their fans. Fans have become incredibly spoiled in this new age media. We think that if we cause uproar, we can change the minds of Athletic Programs and their directors or sway the thoughts of recruits via social media (If you want an example, see Brandon Ingram). Has it all become too much? Do fans have more power than they should? Sadly, yes. Coach performances are often scrutinized more than ever with the help of social media and yes, coaches, players and programs see it.

Many coaches don’t utter a word concerning the handling of their team or their coaching style, but Coach Williams seems to have gotten past being cordial and decided he has had enough. Between the media consistently asking him about retirement, NCAA sanctions and coaching, Coach Williams has been firing off since the ACC tournament.

Well, take this the way it’s intended, not to be critical. But I’m a hell of a lot smarter about basketball than you guys are. I mean, I’m serious. What do you do after basketball season’s over with? You cover baseball. What do you do after baseball? You cover football. I don’t take any breaks.

This year I heard more than ever announcers and writers question things more than I ever heard. One of the other guys said we’re not in the locker room, we’re not at practice every day. If you asked me if I’m as smart of a sportsfan as you, I’d say probably not because I don’t work on those other sports. But I do see our guys in the locker room every single day.

When I retire in 2035, okay, I want to be an announcer one year ’cause I want to be the only announcer to never criticize coaches acting like I know more than they do when they’ve been with their team every day.

He’s dangum fed up, ya’ll. The facts listed above, doesn’t include his time at Kansas which means he’s been able to accomplish amazing records in almost half the time as Coach K at Duke. Still think UNC needs a new coach?

No one will ever be the perfect coach. Fans have to rid themselves of this pedestal they’ve placed themselves on and realize how great UNC has it. Coach Roy Williams is the only near replica you will have to Coach Dean Smith in this age. Think about that. Coach Williams has accounted his teachings from Smith, some of his style and even the love of the program. Coach Williams displays something rare, he loves his players and he loves the game of basketball. Coach has been criticized for not recruiting the “one and done” player and going after big names to play for UNC, but what Coach has displayed is that even at a big name university such as UNC, you’re capable of nurturing players the old-fashioned way. Players don’t have to come to UNC as the number 1 pick in the NBA draft, but with patience and hard work, Coach Williams can mature you for something bigger. Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige are shining examples of that. No one could have imagined Johnson being the player he is now. Hell, I don’t think four years ago, Coach Williams would have him in the same sentence as Tyler Hansbrough, but here we are and Johnson has even surpassed him.

UNC fans, its time you appreciate Coach Williams, even if he doesn’t call the timeout YOU want. It’s not about you. I’ve had the opportunity to follow this team this season, and I have never seen a more selfless coach. Coach Williams proudly represents UNC and their athletic program with everything in him. He takes no days off. You see it when they lose and he’s crying at the podium and you see it when he jumps and cheers despite his bad knees. He is UNC. Appreciate him. 2035 is around the corner and he won’t be here.

Enjoy your 5th National Championship on Monday under Coach Roy Williams.