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Why Dolphins Renamed 29-Year Old Stadium ‘New Miami Stadium’

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You probably know it as ‘Sun Life Stadium’, but the name of the 29-year old stadium recently changed after the contract expired for the naming rights. While the ownership holds out for the most money possible from the next corporate sponsor, they tried something different as they renovate the stadium.

They went with:

The New Miami Stadium.

Seems a little shady, but there is a valid reason behind the name. Details via The New Miami Times:

The stadium is undergoing a $400 million rejuvenation. The renovations include new aqua seating, new concession stands, and upgraded VIP boxes. The project was a result of the NFL bluntly signaling that Miami would not be home to any more Super Bowls unless major upgrades were made to the stadium.

I thought they might have been trying to pull the wool over our eyes, but with all of that money in renovations, it might as well be new.