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9th Wonder Tells BSO Why Jordan Going To UNC Was A Mistake (Video)

It’s not too often we get to combine sports and music, but fortunately with the Art of Cool Festival in Durham, NC, I was able to do just that.

As you can tell, 9th is a huge Michael Jordan, but on the flip, he’s a huge Duke fan… What in the world?! While I’m sure there are many people who have this conflict of interest, 9th’s views might make you chuckle a little, he can’t even tell you a single Jordan stat during his tenure at UNC. Don’t get it wrong, he saw the infamous MJ dunk at UNC, but that’s it. We all laughed when he explained it his reasonings, but that’s what happens when you’re born in NC, you pick your blue and no matter the athlete, you’re stuck for life.

9th Wonder is a North Carolina legend and not for most reasons people think. Sure he’s won countless awards, produced hits for Grammy Award winning albums, apart of the board for the Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture, and teaches three schools in one semester, but its his journey growing up here in NC that made me, and I’m sure countless others, fans.

9th Wonder’s story isn’t too traditional and without over flooding you with basic facts, I’ll drop you something simple. 9th Wonder is from Winston-Salem, NC. While studying music most of his life and continuing the tradition to college, 9th decided to take a leap of faith and dropped out of NCCU in 2000. Dropping out wasn’t something 9th is most proud of (or telling his family), but needless to say, he did it anyway and it taught him more than a classroom ever could. Now, don’t get it confused, 9th is a professor and school is of utmost importance, but sometimes, life outside the classroom happens and there’s nothing you can do but face it head on.

9th has stories for days about his times of making beats, hoping out the back of vans, forming rap groups, and finally selling his 1200th beat to Jay-Z; Luckily enough, I got to ask him to elaborate on them. Check out the short Q&A with 9th as he talks about trusting the process, laws of attraction and being a Michael Jordan and Duke fan.