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BSO Showcase: @AllDutchEvythg is Making Noise Out of Kansas City

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In this edition of the BSO music showcase, we’re focusing our attention on the midwest.

Kansas City to be exact.

At the core of his music, Dutch Young provides values you’d expect from a hot lyricist back in the 90’s, but at the same time, don’t think Dutch isn’t in-touch with the times.

Dutch’s latest project is entitled “Keep it G Hour”, where he displays great versatility. For example, the first track is called “Damn Right”, which has a deep and very personal feel to it, while a song like “Farrakhan” is more fun and upbeat.

Just a few days ago, Dutch opened up for the legendary Smoke DZA near downtown Kansas City.

When it comes to Dutch, you’re never quite sure when he’ll drop a new project. Just this year alone, he’s released four projects (Black Future, Presale Tickets, 420BTW and Keep It G Hour).

Luckily, I was able to catch up with him for an interview.

What separates you from most of the rappers in the game now?

I fell in love with music during the 90s. My music is a reflection of that time without being corny.

You’ve dropped tons of music thus far in 2016. Speak on the process you go through when making a song?

The process is never a routine. Artist come up with new ideas all day everyday and it’s up to them to manage and document self accordingly. I like to stock up on a ton of beats and listen to them daily. My lyrics are personal life experiences so a song can come out depending on how I feel and what he beat tells me

‘Keep it G Hour’ is a very dope album name to me. What brought this to fruition?

Back in college, at Mizzou, whenever my homeboys and I had a debate or was looking for he honest truth between us we would warn the room that it’s “Keep It G hour.” Meaning, doors are closed and no secrets leave this room but you have to be 100% honest with your boys. Builds honor and character. Each of my projects are very personal and I wanted to pay homage to the Lions Den.

For a very long time, Kansas City was known for gangster rap. However it seems like that perception is fading away. Why do you think that is and how do you contribute to that shift in ‘the town’?

I don’t think it’s fading away. Gangster rap is always going to be therapeutic to the soul. Not even for the hood ni**as but everyone!! Taylor Swift knows Jumpman word for word! What my place is to give that other perspective a voice. We all have that “mainstream” side of us, I just fill the void in speaking about what us non celebrities do. I think it’s more relatable in contrast to trying to fit in with the crowd.

The year is nearly half way through. What are your plans for the remainder of 2016?

It’s tour time! I’m finalizing some branding moves and securing dates for a tour towards August-September

To check out his latest project, simply click here.

Also, of course, Dutch Young is on SoundCloud with tons of HEAT!

With his tour looming, Dutch Young has added some pretty dope visuals to his catalog.

PSA: To be featured in the next showcase, simply send your music and visuals to me at [email protected]