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Tyronn Lue on LeBron Finally Having Some Help in His Career

Giannis wants to work out with LeBron JamesDepending on who you ask, some will say the Cleveland Cavaliers are playing the ball they have played all year and are the hottest team in the playoffs. The Cavs are the only team that haven’t loss a game in this years playoffs. They are relaxing and resting as they wait to see who their Eastern Conference Finals opponent will be.

But why are the Cavs on such a roll? Maybe it’s LeBron. He seems to be healthy, determined and is dominating on the court. Maybe it’s because they are playing in the east. For years the eastern conference has been viewed as the weaker conference and the Cavs 8-game winning streak might prove that. But Cavs head coach Tyronn Lue feels his team is rolling due to the support LeBron has been getting from teammates Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. Putting LeBron in a position Lue doesn’t think he’s been in before according to CBSSports.com.


“LeBron is letting the game come to him. When he wants to be aggressive and he sees fit to be aggressive when the teams have a good run or whatever they may have, then he just takes over the game … And with Kyrie (Irving) and Kevin (Love) playing at a high level, he can take a lot of mileage off of his body, reduce his (usage) rate and just kind of seeing and figuring out the flow of the game.”

“I don’t think he’s been in this position before where he can just sit back and see the flow of the game, see where he has to take over the game and it’s been great for him,” said Lue. “I mean, to average 23 points or 24 points and sweep both series is big for us because now our other guys are stepping up, they’re playing well and we know LeBron always can play well.”

Lue might want to be a little more specific here to clear things us. We know LeBron didn’t have much help in Cleveland his first go round but he did have lots of support while spending four years in Miami. Not to mention with the HEAT as a possible ECF matchup and Dwyane Wade playing like vintage Wade, Lue doesn’t need to add fuel to the fire.