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Vegas Giving Hints on Who Will Win The Finals?

lebron-warriorsI’m not a betting man but odds are that the Warriors will defeat the Cavs for the second year in a row to win the title again. After a 73-9 regular season record and coming back to beat the Thunder after being in a 3-1 hole, everyone is behind the Warriors even Vegas.

When it comes to gambling more money is made when bets are placed on the underdog. According to, everyone is jumping on the Cavs train because of the greater reward for their risk.

The current odds are Cavs +175 (7/4) and Warriors -210 (10/21). What this means for every $100 bet made on the Cavs you would get $175. If you bet on the Warriors, a $210 bet would get you only $100.

“We opened the NBA Finals at Cleveland +200 (2/1) and Golden State -240 (5/12) and the public pounced on Cleveland, forcing the adjustment of the lines to +175 and -210,” said Kevin Bradley, Sportsbook Manager. “While the wagering has evened out a bit more on each side, 60% of the public is currently on the Cavaliers.”

Vegas always wins but they need the bets to be as close to even on both sides. The payout for a Cavs win plays a huge role in pushing fans to place their bet.