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Willie D Speaks on Calling Stephen A. & Barkley Coons in Song (Video)

Houston rapper Willie D. spoke to VladTV about his controversial track, “Coon” where he calls out celebs such as Stacey Dash, Don Lemon, Charles Barkley, and Raven-Symone.  He defended his statements and admonished media personalities like Charles and Stacey for downing their culture in efforts to appeal to white audiences.  The Geto Boys rapper stated that such people are more dangerous to the black community than gang bangers because they are molding minds.  One line that stood out in the song is when the he rhymes: “I wish that would’ve been Stacey Dash on the ground instead of Michael Brown but with additional rounds”.  He defended his statement saying that Dash is useless to the black community and that he wishes Don Lemon would’ve gotten shot as well during his coverage in Ferguson.  The rapper states that the CNN anchor could “smell weed but not injustice”.

Former NBA player Charles Barkley also drew ire with Willie stating that he’s a “homo” with a fake wife. The Geto Boys rapper also weighed in on Raven-Symone’s disparaging statements on ethnic names, calling the actress an “airhead” trying to make a joke at black people’s expense.

In the interview, Willie defines “cooning” as when criticism of the community outweighs contributions to the community. He goes on to add that no one is safe and that anyone caught cooning will be called out on future records, stating the already has Parts 2-5 of “Coon” lined up and ready to go.

Check out the clip above for more of Willie’s thoughts.

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