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Thurman Beats Porter; Should a Rematch Happen?

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Fans from all over came out to witness this amazing fight. They were in for a treat because it was quite possibly the fight of the year.

This entire week has been surrounding around this match. Fans were eager. The boxers were eager to get this match going but tonight all parties were satisfied except the losing one. Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter met face to face as they put their friendship aside to get a win.

The first few rounds belonged to Porter. He came out with his fists of fury and his fast feet as he attempted to dominate Thurman. However, Thurman wasn’t going down easy. Many thought this fight was going to end in a knock out (as did I), but somehow it made it all the way to the 12th round. At one point, I thought it was going to end in a draw but Thurman won and it was a close one, by a score of 115-113.

During the post-fight conference, Thurman said that he would give him a rematch and that’s what everyone wants to see again. Porter kept up and took all sorts of jabs as well as shots to the body that Thurman had to offer. He remained on his feet and put up a terrific challenge. Thurman spent some time on the ropes during the match but it was all apart of his strategy-watch out for Porter because he came to win.

Porter responded to Thurman’s rematch and he wants a chance to come back. But will the outcome be different the next time around? Much time will be dedicated to viewing the tape of this match. You can bet your dollar that Porter will study his opponent thoroughly so next time, he is prepared.

All in all, a rematch to tonight’s fight must happen. Boxing fans showed out and this was not a disappointing fight. All in favor of a rematch raise your hand.