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BSO Showcase: STL’s HBYungn Ready To Put the City Back On the Map


Back in the early 2000s, the city of St. Louis was buzzing when Nelly and his St. Lunatics bursted onto the scene.

However, for several years now, the ‘Lou’ has been looking for someone to fulfill that role and while there’s plenty of young talented artists in the city right now from LA4SS to Lil St. Louis, HBYungN is prepared to put his stamp on the city as well.

YungN5HBYungN is apart of Hardbody Entertainment, which has artists from all over the country.

During a very busy time, I was able to catchup with HBYungN for an interview:

Obviously there’s tons of rappers out nowadays, but most of them don’t take the necessary steps to become successful. At what point did you figure this could be a serious thing for you?

I actually figured that out when I started Hardbody Entertainment back in 2011. I understood then that not only I have to take those steps but every other artist on the label has to as well.

As time goes on, what are some things you’re starting to realize with your growth musically?

I’m realizing I like to experiment and try new things because I have the ability to do so and every artist doesn’t. Also I want to have a message behind every song I create. Most music in our generation today only tells YOUNG BLACK MEN they are “COOL” if they do things that will lead them to incarceration or death. I’ve been to jail and I’ve almost lost my life before neither one is “COOL”.

What’s the vibe like among the entire Hard Body Entertainment family?

To be honest it’s exactly that. A FAMILY. We all hang out together work together and we all go through life together. All our families kno each other and kick it. We don’t really have bosses or workers we all work for each other because we all have the same vision at the end of the day.

What are you working on right now?

Currently I’m workin on a new project and a few new videos.

What should fans be anticipating from you the rest of 2016?

I have a mixtape done just workin on a release date right now and I’m already workin on a new mixtape. I’m also dropping some new videos & three new singles this year.

As we anxiously wait for his new project, take this time to bump some slaps on soundcloud.

Follow him on Instagram @yungndabest.


Also, if you’re interested in being featured in the next BSO showcase, simply just send your music to [email protected]