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Dana White Explains Why Rousey Won’t Fight Until 2017


Dana White joined SportsCenter to talk about the upcoming UFC 199 PPV and ended up making an unexpected, but not overly shocking, declaration about ex-UFC champion Ronda Rousey. When asked about the availability of Rousey, Dana said not to expect her to compete in the octagon this year.

“I’m hoping we’re going to get Ronda back this year,” White said on SportsCenter. “She actually, she just had surgery on her knee yesterday. Nothing serious, just get in there and scope it, clean it out a little bit.”

Dana went on to detail a timeline for Ronda’s return.

“She feels great, her spirits are great, she’s been training so if she fights, I’m hoping she fights in either December, if not she would probably fight at the like the New Year’s show, beginning of the year or something.”

It’s fair to begin questioning whether Ronda returns to the octagon at all and if she does will we ever see the once dominant Rousey again?

Ronda has a future in modelling and movies and the appeal of not getting kicked in the head for a living may overtake her love for MMA.

Would you want to endure this barrage of memes again?

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