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Watch as $1Mil Sugar Baby Brags About Lavish Lifestyle (Vid-Pics)

“My life is wonderful,” gushes Nina Peterson. The 37-year-old is a “sugar baby” who basically lives as an object of desire for her rich benefactor who supports her and her children financially.

She says that being a sugar baby is not the same as being a prostitute as prostitutes are not “assets” and are paid solely for sex. Peterson claims her sugar daddy had already invested $30,000 in her before they ever had sex. So far, her sugar baby lifestyle has earned her over $1 million, 3 nose jobs, and 4 boob jobs.

Ironically, Peterson also claims the lifestyle allows her to retain her traditional values. She states:
I think there are a lot of broken families nowadays that could benefit from a mom being available to raise up their children. I’m all for women having equal rights, but that’s not what I was born to be. If back in time, if I had the opportunity to vote for women’s right, I’m sorry, I would rather stay at home.

Having a front row seat to her mom’s lavish lifestyle has appealed to Peterson’s young daughter, Juliana.  She says, “I would want a man that pays for everything, because, well ‘cause then I don’t gotta worry and it’s a gentlemen thing to do.”

On the brink of having our first female presidential candidate, it’s shocking that young girls are still being raised with this mindset.

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