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Bow Wow on Contemplating Suicide After Smashing All the THOTs (Video)


Suicide is no laughing matter, and it’s great practice not to judge people’s reasons for wanting to attempt such a horrible act…however this take on it just might make you snicker.

Rapper/actor Bow Wow joined Vlad for a candid conversation touching on a multitude of different issues surrounding his life & career.

Among those issues, Bow admitted to contemplating ending his life for some interesting reasons:

During the conversation, Bow Wow also opened up about contemplating suicide around the time his third album was coming out. When asked about why he was feeling that way, the “Lottery Ticket” actor said that he didn’t feel like life was worth living because he’d already done everything three times over.

“I was in a dark space…right around that third album…I was just done….”

“….because I’ve done everything. I’ve been everywhere 3 times 4 times again. I’ve been everywhere. Done everything. There’s not a girl I ain’t smash, it aint a place I ain’t been, a hotel room I ain’t stayed in, there ain’t a car I ain’t drove.”

Again, I’m not really into judging people for their decisions surround this touchy subject, however I’d be glad to know how you readers feel about this, although I think I have an idea.

The full interview can be found below: