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Luxury Car Bet Between Marshall & Brown One Step Closer to Happening

Brandon Marshall Antonio Brown

It looks like the intriguing challenge made by Jets WR Brandon Marshall to Steelers wideout Antonio Brown is going to come to fruition.

TMZ is reporting that after some back-and-fourth, the star WRs are working on details to finalize the bet.

After Marshall made the initial bet, Brown told the NY Jets WR to “call me” if he was serious about wagering their expensive cars on who would have more receiving yards in 2016. Marshall put his Porsche against AB’s Rolls-Royce.
Turns out, Marshall picked up the phone — because we just spoke to Brandon who gave us the following statement:
“We spoke yesterday to work out the details of this deal. We’ll let you guys know what happens.”
He added, “There are so many things that make playing in the NFL fun. One of which is the game within the game. AB has taken the WR position to another level. There are a few guys who won’t let him sit on top of the hill by himself. I am one of those guys.”

This challenge is yet another win for the NFL itself, as the stars will undoubtedly go at on all year on social media leading up to a harrowing end of the season to see who’ll lay claim to who’s ride. We can only hope the two stay healthy so the whole competition can play out.

With Brown having big Ben Roethlisberger slinging to him, as opposed to Marshall’s Ryan Fitzpatrick; you have to applaud his ambition, but my prediction is Marshall will be coming up off those keys.