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What KD Leaving for Golden State Means For Westbrook & Lakers

KD Westbrook

Kevin Durant’s decision to leave Oklahoma City for Golden State makes sense figuring the Warriors were one win away from back-to-back titles but considering the OKC Thunder had that very team down 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals, it still comes as a shock.

Steph Curry is a once in a generation caliber player but in many ways Russell Westbrook is on par with the 2-time MVP. Durant and Westbrook were the faces of the Thunder and considered the NBA’s best two-man attack by most. Leaving Westbrook behind in OKC now has a ripple effect throughout the NBA.

On one hand, Westbrook will now be the unequivocal leader of the team and be able to show his worth to the franchise. We saw James Harden thrive in that role when he left the Thunder for the Rockets. Oklahoma City fans will see the best version of Russell Westbrook next season, out of necessity, and a MVP campaign for Russ is well within reason.

MVPs are great but eventually a competitor like Westbrook wants to win. The team as currently constructed will have trouble getting out of the 1st round of the playoffs. Both Serge Ibaka and KD are now on other teams and newly acquired Victor Oladipo has yet to show that he’ll be an adequate wingman for Westbrook.

People have made light of KD leaving  on Twitter for a few days, well before he announced it, and some of the best have revolved around pro wrestling.

The Hulk Hogan NWO heel-turn & the Bullet Club turning on A.J. Styles last year are great comparisons.

Westbrook Durant OKC GSW Bullet Club

Every great story needs bad guy and a ‘super team’ makes it easier for Russ to be the hero when it’s his turn to test free agency next year.

OKC fans will most likely experience heartbreak again next year when Russ announces his intentions but at least they’ll see it coming. No hard feelings means Westbrook can take his talents to greener pastures and thwart the man who turned his back on him.

There are several destinations that make a lot of sense for Westbrook.

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