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Dwight Freeney on Why Chargers Should Pay Bosa his Money


When the NFL and the NFLPA collectively bargained the rookie wage scale in 2011, it was specifically to prevent situations like this from occurring.

The problem here is the Chargers are attempting to manipulate the language of Joey Bosa’s rookie contract, not common practice for a player drafted so high (third overall).

Ex-Charger, now Atlanta Falcon Dwight Freeney took to The Mark and Rich Show (via the San Diego Union-Tribune) to voice his opinion on how the situation is playing out:

“Guys, if you sign a player he should get his bonus, get his money, and let’s go play,” Freeney said.

“But if you’re trying to defer the signing bonus to 2017 so the kid doesn’t have the money so the team holds onto the money just so he can get more interest on it, or whatever. . . . Guys, you’re a two billion dollar franchise, OK? Give him his money and let’s just go.”

The Chargers are operating like a team who seems to not care much about whether their 3rd overall pick contributes this season, which; in essence, shows why they’re the type of underperforming organization they’ve shown to be.

If Bosa sits out the entire season he can re-enter next year’s draft, though he’d be risking a lower draft position and less money anyways. Should Bosa swallow his pride and cave to the Chargers’ demands, or should the Chargers come to the table and give Bosa his standard deal?

We’ll continue to watch this story to see who blinks first.