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State Senator Files For $500K in Sanctions Against Dez Bryant


This case is absurd, and shouldn’t we just be able to determine who stole what from who?

State Senator Royce West fired back at Dez Bryant’s claims by filing a motion for sanctions against the Cowboys star in Dallas County court.

Sound like he feels Bryant and company defamed him — West argued legally that Bryant and his representatives filed a lawsuit against the senator “in bad faith and without reasonable inquiry into (or with purposeful disregard of) the veracity of their claims.”

Sen. West sounds butt hurt over the matter.

West sued Bryant in June, for $60,000, alleging Dez trashed his rental house.

Bryant counter sued Sen. West in July — claiming the politician stole $200K in endorsement money from him as well.

If you love the law — flip the page to read the filing in its entirety:

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