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What DeAndre Jordan Text KD After He Signed With Warriors


Team USA Basketball may not be winning by large margins but the guys are having a good time in Rio. One of the interesting things about USA Basketball during the Olympics is the friendships that become more visible to the public. During the season you don’t see it because guys are on different teams, etc. The most visible friendship is between Kevin Durant and DeAndre Jordan.

According to Michael Lee of The Vertical, the relationship goes all the way back to high school/college. Durant was trying to recruit Jordan to attend Texas. Jordan ultimately said no, sighting that he knew KD was going to be a one and done player. Despite the failed recruitment attempt the two remained close. In an interview with Lee, Durant said:

If I were to get married today, he’d be in my wedding. That’s how it is. That’s my brother.

The tables were reversed this summer as Jordan tried to recruit KD to the Clippers. As we all know KD ultimately signed with the Warriors and the first text he received after the announcement was from Jordan. It read:

Love you, bro. Congrats. Whatever makes you happy.

That was nice of DJ to support his friend, despite his team losing out. The thing that we all forget is that sports is a business and the players involved are human beings with feelings. It is entertainment for us, but careers and livelihoods for these guys. They are not commodities, despite what the constructed narrative says.