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Delaney Robinson Accuses UNC LB Allen Artis of Rape (Video)

imageAfter the Orange County District Attorney’s office opted not to prosecute, UNC student Delaney Robinson has opted to take her story public.

At a press conference held Tuesday, Robinson accused Tar Heel football player Allen Artis of rape.  Although she admits that she was underage drinking and intoxicated, she insists that Artis had sex with her without her consent and Chapel Hill has done nothing about it.

H/T: Carolina Blitz

“I did everything a rape victim is supposed to do. I reported it. I allowed the rape kit to be taken. I gave a statement. I cooperated with law enforcement and the Title IX office. But six months later, the university has done nothing,” she said. “I’m taking this public stand not for me but for the other students on campus who are not protected, despite what the university tells us.”

Robinson also alleges that she was mistreated by campus police when she initially reported the alleged assault in February and was told that “unconsciousness is rape, blackout drunk is not rape.”

Robinson’s attorney Denise Branch is claiming that the District attorney failed to prosecute because her client didn’t drink to the point of unconsciousness.

The University, nor football team, have yet to comment directly on this matter since District Attorney Jim Woodall says it’s still an open and active investigation, but did release this statement.

“The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is deeply committed to the safety and well-being of our students and takes all allegations about sexual violence or sexual misconduct extremely seriously.  These matters are complex and often involve multiple agencies, including law enforcement. While the University always tries to complete an investigation as quickly as possible, our priority is to ensure that the factual investigations are complete and conducted in a fair and thorough manner.”

Allen Artis, a junior linebacker for the Tar Heels, played in 12 games last season. He has seen action in each of the team’s two games this year.

As always, it is important to remember that everyone should be presumed innocent until proven guilty and judgement should be reserved until facts from both sides are available.