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Derrick Rose’s Texts on Night of Alleged Gang Rape Released (Photos)

Derrick Rose Knicks 2The NBA offseason has been pretty eventful, to say the least, for new Knicks guard Derrick Rose.

August 26, 2015, Rose and two close friends, Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton were named in a civil suit filed by Jane Doe. The suit alleges that Doe was drugged by the three men at a party in LA in 2013. In the early hours of August 27, 2013, the men trespassed into her apartment and proceeded to gang rape her while she was unconscious.

The case goes to trial October 4. Rose filed a motion for dismissal in June alleging the victim consented to the sex. On August 22, Rose’s attorneys argued for Doe’s name to be publicly revealed as well, stating that the media had lost attention in the case.

Doe’s attorneys offered the compromise of allowing the use of Doe’s name in trial but keeping courtroom access limited and requiring the media to still use the pseudonym, Jane Doe. Rose’s lawyers are not open to the compromise.

A brief recap:

Doe and Rose met in a club in 2011 and began a non-exclusive relationship. On August 26, 2013, Rose invited Doe and her friend, Jessica Groff, to his rental house in Beverly Hills. While they were waiting for the car Rose sent for them, Doe and Groff drank vodka. Doe drank an individual serving of wine while en route to the residence and both women drank tequila upon their arrival.

After a few hours, Groff and Doe went home in a cab. Doe and Rose continued texting and She him to come over, but he wanted to send his friends to pick her up and bring her back to his home. She fell asleep, and around 2 a.m., Rose, Hampton, and Allen arrived at her apartment and spent about 30 minutes trying to wake her up to let them in. Whether she eventually woke up and let them in or whether they found another way to get up to her apartment remains in contention.

All three men engaged in sex with Doe which they say was consensual. Doe maintains that she was not even awake for the encounter.

Rose’s attorneys argue that the nature of pictures posted on Doe’s Instagram account suggests that she is overly sexual and should not be protected by anonymity as Rose has had to face these allegations publicly.

Flip the page for a look at some of the text message exchanges and deposition.

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