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John Cena on If Vince McMahon Would Bring CM Punk Back (Video)

John Cena and CM Punk

Will the sports-entertainment world ever stop hearing the question, “Will CM Punk return to WWE?” Probably not.

In an interview with TMZ, John Cena was asked if Vince McMahon would try to bring back CM Punk in the future and here are his thoughts.

“If I know one thing about my boss Vince McMahon, he always does what’s good for business, if it’s good for business it will work out. The name in the question doesn’t matter about that, if it’s good for business it’ll work out.”

I would’ve preferred if he mocked McMahon by saying his infamous “there’s no chance in hell” line rather than imitate The Authority and say “what’s best for business.” Even though CM Punk has stated he’s done with pro wrestling and is focused on his UFC career, you’re still going to hear about a possible WWE return for him. For now, just listen to and entertain everyone’s opinion about a dream return in the future. It’s fun to speculate, right?