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Kanye Talks Model Controversy And Yeezy Season 4 Fashion Show


All of the important people in the fashion world have descended upon NYC as Fashion Week is set to kick off tomorrow. All of the big name designers will be debuting their new collections, as well as new designers looking to make names for themselves. NYC Fashion Week is also the debut of Kanye West’s Yeezy season 4. In an exclusive interview with Vogue, Kanye discusses his upcoming launch, his inspiration and his search for “multiracial” models.

West and adidas expanded their partnership early this summer to include apparel and this week’s fashion show at an undisclosed location on Roosevelt Island. West was asked about the focus for his fashion line.

I want to make pieces that can be timeless. Pieces that you can pick up out of a vintage store in 20 years and say, ‘Wow, I’m happy I have this.’

West has featured army surplus staples in his previous three Yeezy collections, a look that is certainly timeless. West also discussed using his adopted home of Calabasas as inspiration.

I think it’s about embracing where me and my family live, where my kids are growing up, embracing the attitude and style of the Valley.

Kanye even intended for everyone invited to his show to receive a pair of Adidas track pants with the three stripes interrupted by the word: Calabasas.

West also shared his thoughts on the controversy surrounding the Yeezy Season 4 model casting call. Days before his fashion show, he had a casting call that was looking for “multiracial” women in New York City. The use of the term “multiracial” angered some, but West did not intend to anger anyone.

The ten thousand people that showed up didn’t have a problem with it. How do you word the idea that you want all variations of black? How do you word that exactly?

West is a polarizing figure. But, he is an artist at heart. First and foremost he values creativity, authenticity and originality. I don’t believe the casting call was meant to offend, I think he was looking for the most unique and original looking models. That’s one thing you can say about West, he certainly goes for the unconventional.

Stay tuned to see what West debuts at Yeezy season 4, it will certainly be interesting.