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Andre Iguodala on How Blowing a 3-1 Lead Will Spark Warriors Dynasty

Andre Iguodala compares Kevin Durant and Under Armour to him dating Halle BerryThe Golden State Warriors are doing that thing again where they over hype the team’s success before it actually matters. Last season, many viewed the Warriors admitting to chasing the Bulls 72-10 record as a distraction. Although the team did break the record finishing the season 73-9, they fell short of winning the NBA title. According to, Andre Iguodala feels the game 7 loss could be the motivation that helps this team win the next four championships.

“I said this after we lost. Losing this game might propel us to four championships. Then when you go recruit a guy who’s available like this, once every 25 years. If we would’ve won, I don’t know if we would’ve got him. We lose, got a chance and there’s a chance to go after four or however many we possibly got a chance to get. You understand that – J Cole is a rapper and he says that, ‘There’s beauty in pain and there’s struggle in success.’ That was the beauty in the pain. In the Finals, we made a lot of mistakes we can fix. But going through that struggle and getting something like this, hopefully we can do great things.”

Of course the Warriors will be a great team, I expect them to dominate the Western Conference but winning four straight titles is a reach. The Warriors shouldn’t bring any added pressures to themselves, they already have a target on their back.