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Barkley Rips Vegas For Building Stadium to Attract Raiders (Video)

barkley-las-vegas-raiders-stadiumCharles Barkley is never one to bite his tongue and when it comes to teams putting up money to build new facilities, Barkley is extremely boisterous.

“It always amazes me how these cities come up with money. They don’t have money for poor people, but any time they need a new stadium they come up with money. They should stay in Oakland, not even get a new stadium.”

What Barkley doesn’t know, or doesn’t care to learn, is that the tax spike in Las Vegas is put on the tourist. Unlike other cities, Vegas locals don’t have to come out-of-pocket to see the stadium built. The 3% tax spike will be enforced as a hotel room tax to those staying on the Las Vegas strip.

There are other cost that locals will feel, like a $900 million freeway renovation around the stadium site, but the benefits of a market like Vegas getting a pro franchise has the ability to benefit the city for decades and the city is willing to take the upfront expense.

Maybe Barkley is upset that the tax spike will take away from his gambling spending money during his trips to Vegas?

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