Curt Schilling Plans on Running for Senate; Blames Government For His Failed Video Game – BlackSportsOnline
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Curt Schilling Plans on Running for Senate; Blames Government For His Failed Video Game


Anyone that has to ask, “what should they apologize for” should never have an option to run for anything involving others, because it shows they lacks empathy. Curt Schilling figured if Donald could run for president he can run for the House Senate in Massachusetts race in 2018.

Curt a former Boston Red Sox Pitcher, best known for his bad business practices who was recently fired for his comments about transgender people feels he is perfect to run against Elizabeth Warren. Curt is what one may call “Extremely Right Winged” he doesn’t care much for Muslims as he has made it well known on social media. Guess we can say he learn from his pal Donald Trump how to attack his opponent by suggesting that Elizabeth Warren isn’t a real Native American by saying “I’ve beaten the real ones before so I’m not worried about that,” is showing he is following his pal footsteps just fine.

His moral compass is extremely off not just because he is culturally insensitive, bigotry, and has bad business practices but because he admitted in another statement that he basically shouldn’t have been given loans because if he was the one giving loans out he would of never give the failed company he had a loan.

”If I was the governor, I would have never even offered this deal,” Schilling said. ”The government doesn’t belong in private business. But I’m on the other side of this. My job and responsibility is to my company and to my employees and I was doing everything I could do, within my legal means, to make that be a success.”

That right there is a person with a shady character that should not be in the position of power so let’s pull the electrical cord on his generator before he gets too much attention on this.