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Details On Tyga Getting Sick & Losing His Memory While in Court Over Debts


Tyga either has a spending problem or a stunting problem.

TMZ is reporting Beverly Hills celeb jeweler, known simply as ‘Jason’ has dragged Tyga to court over an alleged $200k debt for a icy timepiece & chain he made for the rapper.

Tyga seems to have stiffed Jason and now since the courts have become involved, his assets and spending are being looked at.

You might remember Tyga’s g/f Kylie Jenner boasting about a couple new whips he got her, most recently this Maybach for her b-day:

The jeweler most likely has seen videos like this and has the same reaction you & I do: “how can Tyga be out here gifting cars and he allegedly owes so many people?”.

Jason’s attorney; Boris Treyzon began grilling Tyga over his spending habits and when the conversation touched on Kylie, he had an interesting reaction:

“Tyga, who flipped off our photog and aimed a pretend gun at him on the way in, was pretty accommodating, telling Jason’s lawyer, Boris Treyzon, about his income and what he owns. But then Treyzon started grilling Tyga about various gifts he’s given Kylie, and that triggered a 911-type emergency.
We’re told Tyga said he started feeling extremely ill, lost memory and became confused, telling the lawyer he just couldn’t go on.”

That sounds a lot like faking sick on test day when you didn’t study.

Tyga is either getting exposed, or going through the most intense case of stolen identity we’ve ever seen.