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Dominique Wilkins on Being Robbed in 88 Dunk Contest

While many of us weren’t born to witness the greatness that was the 1988 Slam Dunk Contest, Dominique Wilkins reminisced over it and to this day, he says he should’ve won.

Thank goodness for YouTube because we can view what many undoubtedly say was the best Dunk Contest of all time. The outcome of the contest still lingers about in the mind of Dominique Wilkins. In an interview, he touched upon the topic and spoke upfront about it.

There are plenty of people who thought you should have won the ’88 contest. Do you agree with them or do you say “You know what? I got my one, Jordan can have this one”?

You know what? A lot of people thought I won, a lot of people thought he won. It just came down to the last dunk. But yeah, if you ask me, yeah, I probably won, but I was in Chicago, what can I tell you?


He must still hear the crowd roaring in his head from time to time. Do you think Wilkins should’ve won?